What will be the Trump Effect?

At the outset we start with clear evidence that Trump is a bully and a bigot, either that or he lied to everyone during his campaign. I guess we will see.

But many who are probably his supporters, at least those who fall into the "basket of deplorables" are engaging in bullying and racist behavior out in the open.  I'm not saying those persons were not already bullys or racists, I'm just saying we now have a president who has actually encouraged dividing America along racial lines and given tacit approval for "white middle class" to openly bully anyone who is different.

This behavior unchecked will destroy us.  Some have already said Trump may be our last president. ( Thank you bigots ! )

Here are just a few of the "early results" of the TRUMP EFFECT.  Sadly this includes many many children. Where do they learn to hate and openly bully other children?  Is this the next generation of deplorables being raised.