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What does a  MAGA   hat mean?


Let me preface this by stating wearing ANY hat is protected speach which I support as a patriotic American.

Some of those who choose to wear certain pieces of apparal do not support that same right for others. 

#MAGA hat symbol of hatred

Alyssa Milano tweeted,  “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.” That is one opinion.

Commonweal magazine columnist Mollie O’Reilly wrote...,
“You don’t let your kid wear a MAGA hat and then act offended when they get taken for a racist.”

Mass Killers seem to prefer MAGA hats to others. The Parlkand killer posed on his Instagram account wearing a MAGA hat.

The White Supremisists in Charllotsvill NC wore MAGA hats and shouted hate a similar "event"  in Redondo Beach  MAGA hats appeared and some were arrested for inciting riots.

Harpars Bazaar explains how MAGA hat became symbol of hate.

On the right, National Review claims the left wages war on the hat!
I do not condone any violence toward others based on what they choose to wear.

Why note these articles at all?  In the National Review article MAGA wearers complained of being "assaulted" or called names. But the media is full of reports of some of those MAGA wearers inciting actual violence even committing mass murder in the name of MAGA.


A hat is a hat is a hat, right?

Some hats ( or other apparel such as a robe) will automatically brand the wearer in the eyes of observers.

What would most people think of a person wearing the SS hat at the right? How you present yourself in public and what you wear can make a statement about what you believe but the observer sees a statement tied to the history of the symbols you choose to display.


Check the bottom image at the right.

Two men in white robes with red markings.

Which one represents peace and hope and which represents hatred, fear and racism?

Which feels the need to hide his identity?








If you wear MAGA it is your choice and your constitutional right to do so. But do not expect to be praised for exercising that right when you know doing so may brand you as belonging to and supporting a group of mostly white, racists and violent bigots.

Don't expect people who charish honesty, patriotism, love, inclusivnes and our democracy to look at you as anything other than one opposed to those American values. When you make a statement be prepared to accept the results.  This can be especially dangerous if you allow your children to identify with what many MAGA wearers believe and support.

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