Update on news.

This article will contain some news as it makes it's rounds. Will update now and then, at least until this site gets shut down by Trump's new found power over the Internet. I hope he Tweets about me though because imagine the traffic I will get!

First and foremost. Kellyanne Conway ( Trump's "Yes person in chief" ) has set the official tone of the new administration. Lie your ass off to the American people then cover by declaring "Alternative Facts". [what ever those are]

The New York Times jumped on this to the extent they registered a domain name, alternativefacts.com and point to that article. I added to my permanent links too!

Press secretary lies about attendance then contradicts himself. Says "there are no numbers" (Park Service) then says it was biggest ever turn out without any numbers. (ALTERNATIVE FACTS)

DC Transit records show well below normal traffic into city and that traffic was below typical Wednesday afternoon! Pictures don't lie. Hey Donald, not everything is HUGE with you except dissaproval ratings.

// more later as Trump continues to lie and further degrade America.