Trump v Cosby Conspiracy


Why does the Donald expect different results from very similar circumstances? (that is one definition of insanity) When it was reveled that Bill Cosby had abused women, others began to come forward. Why they waited so long was well accepted by professionals and the public. There is a big intimidation factor when you are accusing someone rich and powerful who could have a very negative impact on your life and career. Once one steps forward, others gain the courage to follow. No one wants to be first. There is typically a triger to start the flow of accusers.

People around the world expressed support for Cosby's accusers as being brave enough to step out of the shadows and more potential victims were encouraged to follow.

When the gross tapes of the Donald were released, women who claim to have been abused by his hand (pun intended) felt obligated to step forward, sometimes after decades of silence. Once one came out against Trump it became easier for others to follow. This is EXACTLY the same situation that faced Cosby's accusers.

Sadly Trump had been able to alter the tone of the situation through his celebrity status and by calling each one of them liars and stooges for Clinton. Why should all those women be suspect because they came forward now after many years? For one thing it was just in the past week the release of the tape of the Donald bragging about fondling women opened the door. Had that tape come out a year ago, likely those same women would have also come forward a year ago.

It's not about a conspiracy, its about timing, even if the release of the tape was politically motivated.

I take issue with any politician who embraces mass conspiracy theories to justify their behavior as Trump often does.



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