Does Putin Own Trump?

Why is the Donald squirming so bad over Russian hacking?  Why is he now relying on a foreign fugitive from justice, living in exile, for his security updates on hacking?

I'm sure Putin has motives and none of them are designed to be good for America.
Some how Trump's election plays into Putin's nefarious plans.

Trump says "no collusion(conspiracy)" so what is he afraid of?

UPDATE 07/28/2018:  Yes the Donald new of and approve the meeting with Russians before it took place. Collusion (conspiracy) is not a myth.

UPDATE  07/16/2018:  Did Trump just commit treason against the US?  After a secret meeting with Putin, Trump stood by his side to defend Putin while degrading  America.  Trump is eager to end an investigation into his possible involvement with Russia's medling in our elections.  Leading Republicans called his actions a disgrace. Will the GOP grow a spine and finally remove this treasonous president from office?  Then perhaps when the facts are in, prosecute him for treason!


WOW!  Even Fox News came crashing down on Trump today!

Article 3, section 3, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution specifies that the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy is an element in the crime of Treason.


UPDATE 07/12/2017: Donald Jr. admits collusion with Russia, implicates Manafort and Kushner in the deal. Falls into Russian trap to provide blackmail material to be used later.  Jr. should have reported the solicitation to FBI, not acted on it by agreeing to meeting with a Russian agent.  Pres. Trump trying to impede investigation could implicate him personally in colluding with a foreign power.


UPDATE 01/11/2017 This goes in the "I told you so" column. "...Russia had collected compromising and salacious personal information about Mr. Trump" NY Times


Agencies investigating Russian connections to Trump associates.

On the one hand we have ALL of our professional, world wide, very well funded security agencies pointing their collective fingers at Russia and Putin. The we have Trumps "inside man" confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy hiding from deportation to be questioned on sex offense charges.  Which would you believe?

I personally would be very surprised if Russia's IT Squads (Hackers) hacked only the DNC and Podesta.  Those are only the contents exposed to the world in a deliberate attempt to help Trump win the election.  What about the RNC? What about Trump himself or his kids and his "empire"?  Don't think for a minute that once hackers had something to damage Clinton they packed up and went home.  This is what they do for a living and they don't stop, they dig and dig for anything that might prove useful to Russian interests.

 What could be more useful than some really good dirt on Trump? Or dirt on his business or financial dealings with Russian assets.  Putin already knows about Trump's thin skin, his psychological need to always be right, his hunger for personal praise, his knee jerk reaction to personal slights and his authoritarian nature. Putin also knew Hillary was not going to be one he could manipulate with emotion or praise. Had his hackers actually had any real "dirt" on her you can bet we would know about it.

While Trump has enough cash he probably cannot be "bought" in the traditional way, his emotional makeup makes him vulnerable to much less costly manipulation. Praise him and you will be his friend for life. Believe anything that comes out of his mouth, friend for life.  Give him a tip about an enemy, even if totally fabricated, and he will rush to Twitter in attack mode.  He is psychologically weak and Putin knows how to pull his strings.

Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell... suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin has successfully co-opted Trump's message in complimenting the political neophyte and getting exactly what he wanted in return with more praise even in light of his strongman tendencies toward journalists and dissidents.  1

Add the potential information Putin's hackers may have handed him about Trump himself or his business activities and we have a classic blackmail scenario living in our most powerful office.There are reports in a number of media outlets that Russia has actively courted Trump as a Russian asset. 2

Any of these would be enough to make Trump desperate for all of this to some how go away. Too many eyes on him and not in a good way. He keeps pointing the other way saying move on, nothing to see here even as the entire US Senate and probably most of Congress is set to investigate the hacking.

Will they find a mole in the White House, working for Putin under threat of the release of damaging, embarrassing even criminal activity?  Do you trust Putin?

Let's just hope that the Senate does a very thorough job.

If they find the smoking gun of election hacking, don't stop. Ask why Putin wanted Trump in power so badly. There has to be more in Putin's mind than just "liking" Trump or hating Hillary. He must believe he can use Trump as his puppet to get what he wants and Putin knew he could not manipulate Hillary.


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