Just listening to Trump talking...

Man what an idiot.  He is talking about how much he is going to fix our job problem. He is railing against companies going to Mexico.  He is going to fix that.

Well if he wants to fix the export of our jobs he is in a better position to do that now than if he became president. A very significant part of his own business ventures are located abroad and create zero US jobs. 1  While he goes after Ford for a plant in Mexico, he ignores 25,000 new US jobs and 6.2 billion invested here in the US.

He has no legal leg to stand on to demand a 35% tax on Ford unless it is applied to every company building products abroad.  

Trump Clothing is made in China, Mexico with not a thread being made here in the US.

He would have to tax his own companies as well. With all these foreign investments don't you think there will be a conflict of interest as president of a nation that has so much economic and political leverage in those countries. Never mind that he says he will put his control into the hands of his wife and kids.  So is there then no conflict when decisions will effect the future of everyone in his entire family.  

Running for President is a business proposition for Trump...nothing more, nothing less.

In the article it said. "In theory, the same money used to build and staff more than a dozen properties abroad could have supported thousands of jobs in America."

They go on to state that there is nothing wrong with profits or with locating abroad per-se, but when you do that then bad mouth others who do the same thing is a demonstration of his hypocrisy.

Not long ago he was complaining about Omamacare. He complained about costs, deductibles etc. ignoring the fact that Obama care does not set or control prices, those remain in the hands of the big, rich insurance companies.  He says he will replace Obama care but has never said with what...or when.

I get a kick (twisted?) out of his crowing about the cheers and standing ovations at his rallies, from which his security does it's best to exclude all but his supporters. Tens of thousands cheered Hitler. Millions chear Kim Jung Un....or else.  That seems part of his problem with image and policy.  When the only people you hear from are already in your fold, there is no room for an outside opinion...or for that matter, actual facts.

There was a young girl on America's Got Talent that told one Trump joke.  Not unexpected, she got under Scammer Donald's thin skin to such an extent he had to attack a child on Twitter a number of times to declare how he did not have thin skin.  In any other world that would be a joke.

He has no clue when it comes to terrorism.  Little wonder from a guy who's news source is Twitter and the Internet and now and then the print media in the form of the National Inquirer.  He says he is going to bomb the hell out of ISIS.  Apparently he still things ISIS is a  place you can drop a bomb.

He tells the fable about how much everyone loves him. The average of a number of nationwide polls shows Clinton leading Trump by as much as 10 points.2.

That does not include those who favor even Gary Johnson who would likely pull votes from Trump more so than Clinton.

He brags about how many people are supporting him....hmmmmm   very few amount to anything in politics. He is grasping at former coaches and other minor celebrities because most Republicans want nothing to do with him.

Trump seems intent on putting Newt Gingrich back in some government position, perhaps VP? He likes to bash Hillary but ignores Newt's own ethics violations which led to his resignation from Congress in 1999.

What of Trumps total lack of any government experience.  Supporters, ignorant to be sure, seem to think running a business is the same as running government.


Government is not designed to make a profit. It's "customers and share holders" are one in the same, the citizens. Business's obligation is to turn a profit by charging the most possible while delivering the least possible with the difference enriching share holders, not customers.

Government, on the other hand, is intended to collect the least but deliver the most possible to it's citizens.  A business run as a government would fail terribly as would a government run as a business. We see this in our lopsided wealth structure and the extent to which only the very wealthy have any say.

I also take issue with the statement that FBI director Comey (A republican himself) is "on the take" and accepted a bribe from Hillary to not recommend criminal charges. What an immoral and unethical statement to make in public.  That borders on slander, not just of the Director but of every one of I assume, hundreds of agents involved in the investigations.

I have a cousin who is a Special Agent and for that reason I feel this as an indirect yet personal insult to the integrity of the agency.  Hoover is long gone.

I may add more.....there is always more with Scammer Donald. 

--- Convention Update 2016

Now this is just....bat shit crazy.  Trump is trying to play "body language" expert to blame Obama ... for what?  Is he implying our president is some how directly involved with ISIS?  I don't have a clue what Trump thinks about anything because he simply makes vague and disturbing comments then says to think what you will.  Dangerous given some of the unhinged types cheering him on.  When you tell a room full of Obama haters something like this what does he think they will think?  He knows exactly what they will think, created from the dark of their own mind's hate.

Trump is a fear monger...nothing less nothing more. Any means justifies his goal.



1. Forbes Magazine.

2. Real Clear Politics. July 2016



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