Enough already!

The Republicans (Not Congress, not bipartisan) held numerous hearings about Benghazi and Hillary's emails.  Hours later they had egg on their face and no new evidence to lynch her. Stupidity is often described as doing the same thing over while expecting different results....yep they did it again, same embarrassing result.

They cried for the FBI to investigate her email issue.  They entered into a long detailed investigation which culminated in an interview with Mrs. Clinton a few days ago.  

By now we have all heard either the full comments on real news or the politically edited version, for those of you watching Fox.

While the director (appointed by a Republican) found her personal email server to be a case of poor judgment, they concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove she did so with intent to commit a crime.  They scolded her but also stated that no sane prosecutor would consider a criminal complaint.

In advance of this, AG Loretta Lynch stated she would follow the recommendations of the FBI which ever way they went.  

That should be the end of it.

Well, unless you are a Republican in political office who were not seeking justice, they were seeking political advantage in an election year.

The FBI did exactly what the GOP wanted, investigate and interview.  Now that the response was not to the GOP's liking, they are attacking the FBI director for his failure to deliver an answer to their liking.

Is this really what we expect of our political leaders, to second guess the FBI when their investigation, much like the House investigations which cost taxpayers $7 million, provided no more evidence of criminal action. It was even admitted by two members of congress that this was designed to harm Hillary's campaign.  And we taxpayers footed that political bill.

This has become a political fiasco which wound up dragging the FBI and the DOJ into the argument. After all the public money wasted over several years by the Republicans in congress followed by an equally fruitless probe by DOJ, they still cannot let it go.

Enough already.  Grow up, move on and get to work doing something useful for the people of America that is not designed for your political or financial advantage.




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