Sheriffs Association Defends Ignorance

After reading this article on AlterNet about the "Constitutional Sheriff's Association" I decided to use their contact form to send them this letter.


As a former cop, I'd like to say you are a black eye on the Law Enforcement profession.  Before you hit the street the first day in office you take an oath and swear to the public that hired you to uphold and enforce the laws and the Constitution.

Any "oath" to this private organization to do anything less is treason to the badge and to those who trusted you to abide by your oath of office.

The police do not decide the law or the constitutionality of any law. The people through the legislature and the courts have that duty, not the executive branch of which you are a part. Your DUTY is to the law as it exists.

If you don't like the law, work to change it but if you don't intend to force the law, find some other line of work that won't dirty your reputation.