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Who's your news?


Fox news rated accurate 18% of the time. 1   Read some of the outright lies told to people on Fox News. The only one of their talking heads I admit to liking is Bill O'Reilly mostly because he is a bit more honest than most and because he makes it clear when asked that he is NOT a journalist, he is an entertainer.   These "FOX Correspondents" do a great inustice to real news organizations because their whole spiel is right-wing propaganda, not news and seldom based on fact...certainly not fact checked!

What does all this say about FOX personalities?  Which of the following do you think is most true?

  1. They are willfully ignorant of facts
  2. They know they lie but don't care
  3. They have abandon personal ethics for cash
  4. They are stooges for the political right
  5. All of the above.


For example:


"In countries where there are higher, more strict gun laws, there is more gun violence."

FALSE, we lead the world in gun violence except war zones!

~ Politifact


I am not saying all news organizations are pure and accurate all the time but most real news organizations do check facts. There is always a bias even if it is in the decisions of what to report and what to ignore in the news. There are liberal outlets who choose to report news with a positive liberal bias, however I am not familiar with any that resort to outright lies as part of their reporting.

FOX is not a news organization despite it's fancy logo, it is a conservative entertainment platform dedicated to the proliferation of ignorance in support of right wing politics. The fact that the right relies on lies and misinformation says a lot about their integrity...or lack there of.  If a political movement is based on lies and false propaganda it is unworthy of the American people...even those who believe this crap!


1. News Organizations Rated

Texas wants your children to grow up ignorant

Texas publishes more text books than anyone.  Schools across America use what they decide to publish as "history" and social science.

One would think that authors and educators who write these books would have high standards for accuracy and facts.  You would be wrong!

The board that decides what goes in text books is controled by a right with religious fenatic who's goal appears to be to indoctrinate a generation of children to a specific and ignorant point of view. Texas seems to be at the forefront of censorship and revisionist propaganda creeping into our children's education.  They have tried and in some cases succeed to re-write history.  They tried to re-write biology and health sciences to conform to, not actual facts, but to religious points of view held for a milenia before we even knew germs existed.

According to the new Texas version of US History, Slavery did not exist.  It is now to be called "Triangular Trade"...what the hell is that?

Here are some interesting articles:

What can we do?

First...write your local Boards of Education and demand that no Texas text books be used in your schools. If enough boards refuse to buy these this is one good example of capitalism becoming a tool for positive change.  Stop their cash flow!

Make sure your children know to ask about things being ignored or glossed over.  The negatives in our past are facts. Knowledge of those makes for better choices by future leaders. 

Make this a viral cause. Post your objections on Facebook, Twitter and all forms of social media. Circulate links to factual history devoid of "religious over tones" or special interest points of view. You can teach your prefered religion but don't allow public schools to force feed someone elses point of view on your children.  They deserve the facts to make their own decisions.

These national publishers of text books often just mirror what the Texans choose to sell as "history"  write them and demand a higher standard of fact checking and inclusion.  Don't let them off the hook if they choose to take the bait to help promote ignorance rather than taking a stand for factual and informative texts for your children.


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