Our election laws designed to destroy democracy


John McCain and Russ Feingold wrote bipartisam legislation to rein in the worst aspects of campaign finance.  The Supreme Court by a Republican majority threw out the premisis that Congress can control election finance. Citizens United codified the proposition that money talks, BS walks.

In America, 99% of the voters are the BS while the 1% can do all the talking.  This is turning Amerika into an oligarchy. 

While technically still the case that the majority votes are necessary to elect a person to public office, it is equally true that it takes money to "brain wash" voters to your point of view. The money is spent to make this mental manipulation possible.

I think it is time for a change.  Some may require a Constitutional Amendment to first, state that a corporation or any artificially created entity is NOT a person.  Why should I be able to log in to my state's division of corporations, hand them a few bucks with a credit card and instantly create a legal person separate from myself?

Here is what I would propose:

  • Corporations are NOT people.
  • Campaigns are to be publicly funded with tax dollars equally provided based on local costs/demographics.
  • Citizens may donate a maximum of $2,000 per campaign but only if their primary residence is in that candidate's district.
  • Corporations may not donate to political campaigns.
  • No person/association who has any contract with an agency, state or federal, may contribute to any candidate who may have authority over that person's contracts.
  • Any excess campaign money after paying any legal debts of the campaign must be returned to the government campaign fund.


Let Democracy ReturnLet's take our country back...from corporations !