Make America Smart Again

Proposed by Neil deGrasse-Tyson on the Bill Maher show, we need a program to "Make America Smart Again".

This is all about educating voters. The current mess we have was brought to us courtesy of uneducated voters as well as those who stayed home and failed to participate.

Both knowlede and participation are critical elements of a successful Democracy.  We are losing our edge in both.

I can't do it. No one knows or pays attention to what I have to say.  We need star power.

Of course we need content. We need facts about as many aspects of what our government does and how these affect our daily lives. This has to include Federal as well as State.

To gain any traction we need two components beyond information.

  • Celebrity Voices, social media etc.
  • Massive Email Lists

How can we make this work in time to support mid term elections?